LED recycling Um-Welt Japan and Izuka Syoten realize almost 100% of effective utilization by manual sorting


Um-Welt Japan Co., Ltd. holding the 4th place in the fluorescent lights recycling industry (Head office: Kazo city in Saitama prefecture, President: Akio Koyanagi) and the e-scrap recycler, Iiduka Shouten (Head office: Utsunomiya city in Tochigi prefecture, Representative: Hiroyuki Iiduka) has established a recycling system where collected used LED lights are dismantled and sorted by hand work and set up the business.

Started LED recycling earlier than others
Both companies had started recycling LED lights little by little on a trial basis since four-five years ago in the anticipation that huge amount of used LED lights would be generated due to replacements. They succeeded in sorting the manually dismantled LED lights into each part such as LED substrates, polycarbonate, aluminum, cable, plastic with copper and inverter boards. Las t year after being confirmed to be able to effectively use almost 100% of the used LED lights, they completed their preparation for starting the business. gHowever, as there are various shapes in LED lights including straight tube type and bulb type, some of LED lights should be processed with machinesh, Iiduka said.

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Now, both companies are starting to recycle 50-60 tons of used LED lights manufactured by Nichiei Intec Co., Ltd. (Head office: Arakawa-ku in Tokyo, President: Yoshiharu Takahashi) and Fujikaseihin (Head office: Shizuoka city in Shizuoka prefecture, President: Kazuo Yanagita), which generated through replacements by purchase. Under current framework, they could process 20 tons per month.

However, as processing capability depends on the shapes of LED lights and unit prices vary according to exchange rates, they said to provide the service appropriately in response to customersf requests for a moment.
Also, dismantling and sorting LED lights, which is delegated to a facility for the disabled by Iiduka Shouten, leads to create employment of the persons with disabilities

According to Akira Maeda, Manager of New Business Department in Um-Welt, gOur company has more than 4,000 customers in fluorescent light recycling. They will replace fluorescent lights with LED lights in series; so firstly, we would like to fully meet the needs from our existing customers.h While it is expected that the number of used LED lights will increase sharply due to replacement on a nationwide basis, Iiduka said, gWe would like to establish LED lights recycling market to prevent from exporting them to China as miscellaneous items because it is possible to conflict with the Basel Convention as LED lights contain substrates. We are considering promoting nationwide business cooperation.h

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