Gas meter, one of the main causes for scrap facility fires


 Scrap dealers say that gas meters burn well. Not a few fires are caused by gas meters in mixed scrap.

 Some mixed scrap shippers said that they haven't purchased gas meters lately to avoid fires.

 Also, it is said that more shippers manually dismantle gas meters to sell the bodies (ADC12) and the substrates (with battery) to aluminum alloy manufacturers or aluminum scrap dealers and substrate scrap dealers, respectively. In fact, more gas meters have been brought to a veteran substrate buyer. The following is a substrate for gas meter.

 It is covered with ABS resin till being dismantled.


Easily-burned cylindrical lithium primary battery
 A “cylindrical lithium primary battery” is set with the substrate for gas meter. The cylindrical lithium primary battery is said to be most flammable. Previously, substrates burned even a part of a truck while they were being carried. When an impact causes a short circuit, they easily take fire. Not only batteries but also ABS resin covering the substrate, which is easily ignitable, causes fires.

 The battery is supposed to be replaced when the gas meter is replaced every 10 years. So, high-performance long-lasting lithium primary battery is used for gas meters. But, those batteries require careful handling in recycling.

 Also, “thermoplastic resin” (ABS and ASA, etc.) can be the causes for fire spreading and difficulty in fire extinction in mixed scrap facility fires. Some thermoplastic resins contain 45-50% glass fiber, having durability, but being easy to burn. They are common resin in our society.

 Scrap facility fires often occur during this time of the year when air dries. Enough attention should be paid in handling batteries and resins.

(Edited By O.Sasaki)

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