Air Plane World #3 ? Demand for Japanese used planes without dismantling


If planes are scrapped in Japan, the scraps are purchased by some buyers. However, some buyers want to purchase the planes used by Japanese air carriers without dismantling. It is because Japanese air carriers use their art of maintenance to keep the planes in a good condition as new one.

Of special interest is the B-747-400 known as "Jumbo", which was sold off in bulk when JAL fell into bankruptcy. Those planes have still been working abroad. The largest user of the planes used by JAL is the American cargo airline, Kalitta Air.

Before the bankruptcy of JAL, Kalitta Air had already purchased a lot of initial model of 747, 747-200 known as "Classic jumbo". The company also purchased and ran cargo flights of 747-400 known as gHigh-tech Jumbo" which had retired from the service after the bankruptcy of JAL. In addition, it purchased passenger models and then remodeled them into cargo flights to run.

In fact, a few retired JAL planes which are currently operated by Kalitta Air greturned back to homeh, Narita, early this year when a lot of flights chartered by cargo airliners gathered at Narita Airport due to the strikes caused by trading companies along the U.S. west coast.

Besides, American cargo airliner, Atlas Air, and Korean Asiana run the retired JAL planes as cargo planes. Russian Transaero runs 3-4 retired JAL planes as passenger planes as they used to be.
What is interesting is that the plane with the aircraft registration of "JA8912" is still flying as Iranian government plane.

Also, 16 planes of MD-90, all of which were retired by JAL and sold off to Delta Air, are still working in U.S.A.

Most of these planes were introduced more than 20 years ago. I have not mentioned here, but some of planes sold by JAL before the bankruptcy have still been working for 30 years or more than 40 years after their introduction.

Although it is demonstrated that the planes can be used for a long time with an appropriate maintenance, Japanese air carriersf planes which are kept in good condition as a new one have so great popularity abroad that it would be better to continue to use them than to scrap. Also, it would be profitable for the air liners to sell the planes after use.

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