SHIEH YIH, Taiwanese largest press machine manufacturer exhibits


Shieh Yih Machinery Industry Co., Ltd., the largest manufacturer of press machine tools in Taiwan has made a presentation at MF-TOKYO2015 (Metal Forming and Fabricating Fair in Tokyo) held at Tokyo Big Site since 15 July.

The company has given a presentation of their 80-tons small servo press machine during the event. Itfs currently focusing on medium and large sized servo presses.


Over the course of 50 years since Shieh Yih was founded, the company has been a comprehensive manufacturer of press machines such as mechanical presses and servo presses and sold them to automotive component manufacturers around the world. The companyfs young female CEO, Ms. Claire Kuo, assumed companyfs 2nd CEO in 2009. She has aimed to make the company be ranked among the worldfs top 5 press machine manufacturers, but it has already been ranked among the top 3 in the servo press market.


According to Ms. Kuo, the reason to make a presentation in Japan is because Japan is a country where servo presses originated and she wants the companyfs servo presses to be known in Japan.

She said that in fact, a Japanese major automotive manufacturer has already used the companyfs servo presses and European automotive manufacturers have put much value on their products.

It was impressive that Ms. Kuo gently commented that gthe target of Shieh Yih is not to become number one but to be an excellent companyh

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