Silver Alloy’s super hard alloy with the highest level of techno


It’s not too much to say that Silver Alloy Co., Ltd (Headquarters: Kasai City, Hyogo President: Mr. Chiaki Takami) is globally known among super hard alloy manufacturers and users. The company ran a booth at MF-TOKYO2015 (Metal Forming and Fabricating Fair in Tokyo) held at Tokyo Big Site, where IRUNIVERSE talked with the company’s president, Mr. Takami.

No marketing, no discount
Mr. Takami, the president of Silver Alloy has experiences and track records “with super hard alloys over the past 44 years”. His sales policy is to “wait” thoroughly, not to conduct aggressive marketing. The company doesn’t even put on discount. For example, Silver Alloy offers more than JPY10,000 when the other companies offer JPY8,000. As will hereinafter be described in detail, although their price seems to be expensive, it is extremely cheap in terms of the life of their products.


The policy of neither putting on discount nor conducting aggressive marketing primarily derives from the company’s massive confidence in their own super hard alloy products. Having more than 1,000 client companies in the domestic market, the company receives constant inquiries from abroad.
Not a few companies have changed their supplier of super hard alloy products to Silver Alloy from SV Company, a traditional and major overseas manufacturer known for its high market share.


The gear press mold is the easiest to understand the overwhelming ability of Silver Alloy’s products.

Silver Alloy’s gear press mold is durable for 150,000 or 300,000 shots compared to other manufacturers’ molds which break (nicks in a blade) with 1,000 shots. The life of their products, which is more than 20 times longer on average, contributes to manufacturers’ improvement in production efficiency at a maximum. Their long-life products also contribute to automotive manufacturers’ cost reduction although the initial cost is said to be 20% higher than that of other companies’ products.

It is even said that a major automotive component company recently has maintained strong results since shifting to Silver Alloy’s products.

A source who knows Silver Alloy’s products well said with absolute certainty, “Anyway, the company has the highest level of technology in the world. No manufacturers can deliver such an excellent performance in cold forging molds other than Silver Alloy.”

(Edited by Sasaki)

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