Stainless Steel Materials Market Trend: Strong demand of Cr-based thin plate, but a dullness of Ni-based


 There are many trends showing that the recent Ni-based stainless steel materials market has been hitting the bottom price. LME index nickel market price also hitted the bottom at 3Q, and there are a lot of viewpoints showing the present price will maintain at 13,000 to 14,000 dollars per tonne. However, the situation today is that there is no rising sign.

 According to the mid-sized enterprises which process and sell stainless steel materials in Western Japan, “We think that the domestic market of thin plates 304 and standard length products will not come down from 260-270 yen/kg, but the actual demand is still thin.” POSCO material has also 10 yen/kg cheaper price (250-260 yen/kg) from this domestic market for large users such as Hanwa Kouzai.
 POSCO expects its price won't come down at least from this value, but there's one uneasy thing.    POSCO spoke some concerns, “The accounting month of Korean companies will be December just as the previous month. That's why there're many sales at a low price in December, and after all POSCO hitted an extraordinary price in December of last year. When it has similar discount sale, the market will collapse again due to a price destruction. There are also some points saying users who do not hurry a benefit have been waiting for POSCO discount.”

image On the other hand, Cr-based thin plate is in perfect condition. At the production of stainless steel producers, Nisshin Steel for example, around 70% of its stainless steel production in Shunan is said to be Cr-based, but at the demand side, the Cr-based is known clearly. The Cr-based has been becoming a 'HIT' for materials for muffler of automobiles and kitchens, for gas water heaters, as well as cars, houses and rushing demand items before a tax increase. It's said that the 409-based is valued as materials for muffler, and the delivery increases accompanied by a good automobile production of Mazda (Hiroshima) in Western Japan. Sales of the 430-based increase for system kitchens. Also, because inquiries for the 430 -based are stronger than the 304-based among the inquiries from overseas, the Japanese Cr-based products are rated highly.

(IRuniverse Susan)

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