Stainless Steel Materials Supply And Demand Trend In Autumn of 2013

                                          IRUNIV 2013/10/02

 The recent goods movement of stainless steel materials market is not good enough, but the orders centered on overseas plants is increasing, and the environment can be expected for future situation. It’s possible that the Olympics emergency demand in Tokyo Olympics opening in 2020 might spread through the common steel to stainless steel.
 Among such, the export of chrome-based stainless steel changes smoothly.
 According to “Stainless Steel Plate Order Data Differentiated by Usage” from the stainless steel association report in July, as for 21,405 tonne of 33,963 tonne of export is chrome-based (as for nickel-based is 12,558 tonne).
 For the main usage of chrome-based stainless steel, it is often used as car muffler, the fin part of heat exchanger, and oil refining plant part. As for the factor of export increase, the surge of car demand with weak yen is the cause, but a stainless steel materials wholesale dealer source considered, “The increase of heat exchanger production after domestic supply of materials that are produced inside the country→and supply them to the foreign countries, and the increase of products for oil refining plants are bigger causes.”

“For heat exchanger”
 A black harpoon alloy is used for the steel tube part of the heat exchanger, and 409 is often used for the fin part. It is said that Netherlands energy plant maker is the first time to start using 409 for this part.
 This becomes the heat collection device to raise the generation efficiency of the power station in particular, remaking the steam from the collected heat here, rotating a one size small turbine once, and generating electricity. As the thermal power generation is reviewed now, these facilities for efficiency improvement sell well. These heat exchanger facilities are often made in Korea, Japan (the design itself is mainly in Japan and Europe), and it is said that, recently, United States shows awareness for production.

“For oil refining plant”
 It’s promising for LNG plant and incidental facilities to be still brisk. In addition, the conventional dig plant works, too, and the demand of this aspect, its growth is expected.
 About completing the first step of LNG plant in Australia, there seem to be many LNG-related inquiry articles for product for Middle and Southeast Asia sequentially abroad.
 In addition, the autumn 2013, when facilities reinforcement construction demand for domestic LNG tank in future, that I agreed that the import To Canadian shale glass.

 By deciding the Olympics, is in Tokyo 2020, the common steel plate and alloy production are focused, and it is considered that, this Olympics emergency demand, pushed the domestic stainless steel materials demand.
(IRuniverse Susan)

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