America Refine Lead Import of The First Half Period in 2013 is Doubled To 159,396 Tonne

                                          IRUNIV 2013/09/04

  Based on Foreign Trade Statistics of United States Department of Commerce, America Refine-Lead-Ingot import of the first half period in 2013 (January to June) is doubled to 159,396 tonne, compared to the same period of the previous year. It’s still a large increase for America, which is doubled compared to the first half period in 2011. This year, America has recovered from its economy slump, and the production and selling of car has recovered, too. Consequently, from the growth of lead battery demand, we can know that the refined lead demand for battery is also increasing greatly by looking at the statistics below.
 The top import destination of first half period in 2013 is from Australia with 46,587 tonne. It was zero in 2011 and 2012.
 Average import price for this 46,587 tonne is USD 2337/ton. The Australian supplier is Nyrstar (which is affiliated with Glencore). From Mexico is also doubled to 39,076 tonne, compared to last year (average import price = USD 1,714/ton); from Canada is 35,738 tonne; from France is 11,578 tonne, 47 times higher than last year; and from Peru is also increasing rapidly this year, to 11,651 tonne. Other countries, which was zero for 2 years, but began to export (import to America) this year are quite increasing. However, because the freight from Asia is high, almost all of the export is not arriving at America.

(Transition of the refined lead import of America by the first half period)

(IRuniverse Susan)

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