Upheaval of Tin Market 〜 Gradual Decrease of Import Amount and Price Since 2011

                                          IRUNIV 2013/09/03

  Tin that has a longer demand history than lead-zinc as a traditional metal.
 It was useful as high-quality metal in the old days, and minor base metal which coexists with Tungsten and Tantalum, but the original ore of that tin is currently only in Indonesia, except Congo that is regulated by Dodd-Frank Act (properly).
 A technique for producing tin ore from Indonesia, making crude tin (crude tin = 98%Sn), upgrading in Malaysia, Thailand, and China, until making into a product of tin ore 99%, had been performed for a long time, but as the tin related industry has already agreed, Indonesia has performed an upper part adjustment of tin purity from July, and established the regulation which states that tin refinement below 99.99% cannot be exported, and then the export from Indonesia in July, fell down 40% to 6800 tonne compared to the previous month, June. After that, furthermore, a condition that can’t allow an export without passing stock exchange (ICDX or JFX) inside Indonesia, was added, and confusion within Indonesia tin industry still continues.
→ About the tin export problems in Indonesia

 Well, about that tin, there are 25,000 tonne 〜 33,000 tonne of import every year in Japan, but like the below graph pictures, a gradual downward tendency continues since 2011, with 2010 as its peak.
 Import amount of tin ore last year, 2012, was 27,096 tonne, which was including

 Indonesia … 14,882 tonne
 Thailand ….. 8,107 tonne
 Malaysia ….. 2,195 tonne
 Vietnam …… 742 tonne
 Bolivia ……… 347 tonne
 etc. inside.

Import Transition Year of Tin Ore

 Import amount of tin ore in this July was 2,786 tonne. It increased 5.7% from 2635 tonne in previous month, June.
 Import amount from Indonesia increased 80% to 1,695 tonne compared to previous month, June, and recorded a high-level import since last January, in contrast with import from Thailand with a 42.7% decrease to 733 tonne, and from Malaysia with a 33% decrease to 160 tonne.
 The total import of tin ore from January to July was 16,036 tonne.
The breakdown of this total import amount from January to July is…

 Indonesia … 7,167 tonne
 Thailand ….. 6,050 tonne
 Malaysia ….. 1,301 tonne
 Vietnam …… 502 tonne
 China ……….. 266 tonne
 Brazil ………… 240 tonne
 Bolivia ………. 221 tonne

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