Crude Lead Import Increase by Generalization of Lead Battery Scrap for Korea

                                          IRUNIV 2013/08/31

 The amount of lead battery scrap export from Japan on July according to trade entry statistics didn’t change much from the previous month, which was 7541 tonne in total. The products for Korea that are occupying almost all of this were stable with 7,468 tonne. Average export unit price also didn’t change with 86 yen/kg (FOB). Lead battery scrap export for Korea that completely took root in Japan. The accumulative total from January to July on this year is powering up with 25% increase compared to last year.

*Bullion Import Increased*
 It is said that the operating ratio of lead refining maker is remarkably declining due to lack of battery scrap is a 40% well-known truth (Second lead refinement maker related sources). However, on the other hand, makers with high refinement technology including the first and second lead refinement makers aren’t stubborn on battery scrap, and changing course to import the low price crude lead (crude lead bullion) from foreign countries. Importing crude lead, refining, and upgrading it until soft red or electrolysis lead. There are indeed second refinement makers inside the country that are pausing electrolysis, but it is considered that with this technique, they could make use of that ability.
 As stated on the graph below, the crude lead import amount is increasing since 2009, as if it matches with the battery scrap export increase. Last year was the record high of import with 6,360 tonne, and this year up to June was reaching 4,562 tonne. The average unit price of crude lead import until June is 194 yen/kg.

l Import Transition of Crude Lead

(IRuniverse Susan)

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