Japanese  Stainless Steel Scrap Market : Continuation of Steep Price Rise The Japan Market Comparatively High?

                                          IRUNIV 2013/08/30

 About the domestic market condition of stainless steel scrap, the demand inside and outside the country is not so high, but steep price rise due to nonexistent of goods continues to happen because its outbreak is low more and more. Shindachi scrap type 304 is about 125-135 yen per kg in the city, and 140 yen per kg for the highest price in the front of maker furnace. Both in the city and maker, if they want it, there will be something extra to give, and in the city, 140 yen is still added to the exporter for Korea (from before the Obon Holiday). Furthermore, the stainless steel specialist in Kitakanto, M Company, is lowering the high price some times ago, from 143 yen, by 4 yen discount, to 139 yen (carry on the surface unit price) on the date of 26.
 It can be seen that for domestic maker, some part of Japan metallurgy is 140 yen or more per kg, but the other company, JSP & NSSC is spreading their strict purchasing restriction on scrap, making the purchasing to be limited. However, it can also be seen that the other part is adjusted to the domestic high price. The high price of a small part of special steel maker, currently, seems to conceal the shadow.

LME Nickel Market Transition

Scrap Type 304 Market Transition

 On the other hand, about the export, for Taiwan is USD 1380/ton, and increases about USD 40 compared to before the Obon Holiday. This is the rising influenced by the LME nickel price increase, but it stayed in small amount, guessed to be because the production reduction in Taiwan mill is still continuing even now. To prosper by the splendid banquet of Korea POSCO Company and PSS Company is on July. That afterglow is remaining in the shipper intended for the same firm inside Japan, and although it still pays about 140 yen of buying price at the present, this may not be limited to Korean exporter only, but the gathering was truly bad. It is the commonness between for domestic and for exporter, that it isn’t gathering up even by setting that much of price.

 The expected India oriented was promising until June by producing an export record of 1000 tonne per month, but it has been completely stopping since July. “Japan scrap became more expensive because of Rupee depreciation progress” (related firm sources), is a more precise reason than to say that India stainless steel scrap demand was falling.
 Korea first vendor is also not active in Japan ball. As one can expect, it looks like that there is a sense of fairly expensive feeling and purchase is stopping.
 It is expensive and can’t be touched in the city, but there is no place to sell out that expensive ball. “Can’t buy and can’t sell” condition. The scene of strict Japan stainless steel scrap market that is still in lingering summer heat.
(IRuniverse Susan)

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