Present Condition of Aluminum UBC Market?Autumn Comes with Peak Out and New High Record for Kashiwa?

                                          IRUNIV 2013/08/29

UBC It will be told on the end of this year, that the market condition of aluminum UBC in 2013, which had a high price transition, approached a peak out just after the Obon holiday. The big fireworks that seem to tell the end of summer are launched by Kashiwa of Chiba and Yokohama tender.
 Aluminum UBC September delivery of Kashiwa, Chiba, that was carried out on August 21st, was 146 yen/kg (A can press), and caused UBCthe Izumi Metal Industry to win the tender. This is collected fairly well at 160 tonne, but Nissin Kogyo (Moka, Tochigi) is an end user. If it was taken to Moka, it would exceed 150 yen certainly. Despite a SPOT, it was a very powerful tender winning drama. “Was there any need to set such a high price?” comment of a veteran in aluminum scrap wholesalers. This 146 yen is the highest price this year of the local government winning tender unit price in the whole country.
 On August 23rd, there was still a September SPOT tender in Sapporo, Hokkaido. The local company, Suzuki Shokai won the tender with 134 yen. Matec was 132.76 yen, while Daiki was 129.83 yen. Sapporo wasn’t too good in classification resulting to this price, but it’s still on the high side, if considering the C can level. For steel can, Matec won with 31.121 yen.

In Yokohama, The Exporter Achieved Grand Slam
UBC And then in August 27th, about aluminum UBC tender for October delivery in Yokohama, on the same district, it wasn’t the familiar Onishi Metal, or Kozuka, but the exporter, Toko Line, was the one who dominated Totsuka-ku, Tsurumi-ku, Midori-ku, and Kanazawa-ku with 143.70 yen to 146.70 yen, achieving a grand slam. It was Toko Line at first, but the last buyer was the exporter aimed at Korea on Niigata. In other words, it was guessed to be aimed at Novelis, or the deoxidizer PoscoMTech, but their buying price probably didn’t fit. Perhaps it was a purchase for anticipating higher future quotations. In this connection, on the previous Yokohama, Kozuka Metal Company of Yamaichi metal purveyor won the tender with an unexpected high price (142 yen). However, there is rumor guessing whether this was a resale for export.
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UBC That Started To Flow Right After The Obon Holiday
UBC As one would expect, this is the ceiling price of UBC. For the main cause and background to be thought like that; firstly, Shinryo, which has pulled the domestic UBC market condition up to this point, its UBC stock, has been inflated, and the UBC slab became more expensive than a new lump; it seems that basic factor like this was noticed and the purchase tended to be suppressed. In September, there will be an expectation of stabilizing the current condition. Then, UBC will begin to appear from the local government from just right after the Obon Holiday as usual, and from now on, by considering the intense heat until recently, a record quantity of UBC will be expected to overflow in the market.
 Also, the high price of Shinryo (140 yen/kg to 142 yen/kg for Fuji Oyama Factory CIF price, and 135 yen/kg to 137 yen/kg for storehouse) was intended for Korea, hiding behind the high price for other alloy makers, and thus became not too much standing out. Novelis and PoscoMTech of Korea is about FOB 138 yen, and there was a time when the domestic largest aluminum company, Daiki Aluminum Industry postponed the UBC purchasing for a moment at Shirakawa Factory, but even in case by case, 136 yen was found here and there at the storehouse. One part of the same firm is shipping RSI for Shinryo, but the present UBC was bought to invest the main force, ADC12. Therefore, the purchasing amount is limited.
 The domestic market is thought to be relatively and moderately settled down by the distribution increase pressure. Shinryo Aluminum Industry no longer will set a pointless high price anymore. If that happens, UBC support will only be the one for Korea. Up to what point does Korea being obsessive with Japan UBC will probably become the next focal point of UBC market condition.
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