Aluminum UBC〜K Company Won Tender for September Delivery with 142 Yen

                                          IRUNIV 2013/08/29

 Is this also Shinryo effect or after-effect? The tender of aluminum UBC press for September delivery held in Yokohama on July 24th is

 Tsurumi-ku 142.50 yen/kg Kozuka
 Kanazawa-ku 142.70 yen/kg Kozuka
 Totsuka-ku 142.70 yen/kg Kozuka
 Midori-ku 142.90 yen/kg Kozuka

almiall dominated by Kozuka as stated above. Speaking about Yokohama, the influence rivalry is clear, between Onishi Metal or Kozuka, or Akimoto Metal, and the desired maker is also clear. Currently, it was predicted that Akimoto Metal would win the tender for Shinryo of Asia re-high price, but unexpectedly, Kozuka, which is the Yamaichi Metal wholesaler, won the tender. In this connection, the winning price for August delivery of Yokohama was 139.40 yen.
 On the other way, the same day, UBC winning tender that was held on Sapporo in Hokkaido, was won by Matec with 129.76 yen. Steel can was 29.612 yen. It’s cheaper for more than 10 yen compared to Yokohama, but Yokohama indeed extraordinarily expensive. It is considered that the existence of Fuji Oyama Factory of Shinryo, which has Fujiyama as its background, is affecting strongly in the background.
(IRuniverse SU-SAN)

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