Lead Battery Scrap Import of Korea on July Exceeded The Record High of 30 Thousand Tons

                                          IRUNIV 2013/08/21

 The amount of Lead Battery Scrap Import on July due to Korean Trade Statistics became 30,905 tons which was a 16.4% increase compared to previous month and became the highest record for a single month. The import price was USD 974/ton, not much different with the previous month, June, which was USD 975/ton. The amount of Korean Lead Battery Scrap Import from January to July already reached 186,400 tons, and if it continued to change with a phase of month average 26,628 tons, this year will exceed 300 thousand tons. Last year, 2012, was 243,450 tons and was a record high.
 The biggest source of this Korean import is Japan, and Korea had bought 8,554 tons of Lead Battery Scrap from Japan on July, with the import price of USD 895/ton. The cumulative total of import from January to July was 55,258 tons. Last year, the cumulative total was 78,787 tons.
 They are Japan and Korea, where the interchange of entertainment and economy is prosperous, even if the political relations cool off.

(The Change of Korean Lead Battery Scrap Import)
The Change of Korean Lead Battery Scrap Import

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