Japanese June Ferrochrome import up by 1.2% YOY

                                          IRUNIV 2013/08/02

 Based on Trade Statistics of Japan, the imports of Japanese Ferrochrome (high-carbon Fecr) in June were 81,167 tonne, up by 1.2% compared with what in the same period of the previous year. The average import unit price was JPY124,000/tonne. The imports from January to June totaled 318,834 tonne, while the total imports were 695,454 tonne last year. This year is at the pace of down by 8% compared with what in last year.
 The imports by country in June, from South Africa were 49,510 tonne (the average import unit price=JPY108,000/tonne), occupying 60% of the total import. By the way, the imports from South Africa also reached 46,356 tons in the same month of last year. In this import by customs of ferrochrome from South Africa, NSSC’s imports under Nisshin Steel are numerous, whose Tokuyama works 24,507 tonne (JPY108,000/tonne), Tobata works 16,059 tonne (JPY104,000/tonne). Nippon Yakin Kawasaki works totaled 3,992 tonne (JPY110,000/tonne) and Kinuura works 3,501 tonne (JPY116,000/tonne).
 Other than South Africa, the imports from India were 1,960 tonne (JPY135,000/tonne). Of Indian ferrochrome, Osaka works has the most number of 1,500 tonne (JPY132,000/tonne), from Kazakhstan were 24,035 tonne (JPY157,000/tonne), which because the control in titanium works, so the price gets higher. Among special steelmakers, who have a preference for Kazakhstan's chrome are limited. Import under JFE is the most number, whose Chiba works 11,790 tonne (JPY152,000/tonne) and Tobata works 6,978 tonne (JPY151,000/tonne).

Changes in the imports of Japanese HC-FeCr

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